Teething problems??

So far as parenting goes, I think when your baby is teething its the biggest test, it can make you demented, with grumpy babies and lack of sleep its a real ‘challange’.

Babies can teeth as early 5 weeks, and some can even been born with teeth,YES REALLY!!!!!

Unfortunately there is no cure for teething, however over the 18 years of our shop being open we have had some great tips and thought we would share with you, feel free to comment below any tips you may have found good.

So, teething powder (yes the white powder substance that looks suspicious when your rubbing it into your babies gum in public) I found ‘Ashton & Parsons’ and ‘Nelsons’ practically impressive with how fast they worked.

Dentinox teething gel every few hours was also a good one to use on the swollen gums to keep them cool.

Sophie la girafe collection is a must have for the toy box , as its organic rubber is super soft yet has bumps to get to them sore gums, They are easy to hold and babies seem to love them, So they can take the anger out on poor Sophie! Normal teethers you can put in the fridge are great too, make sure you always have one in your changing bag.

Bickiepegs, these things are vintage and have been going for years and years, so they are not as easy to get hold of, however Boots and Asda do stock them. They are really hard biscuits that come with a ribbon to loop the biscuit around so that the little one can not ram the whole thing in, however i would never leave your baby alone with one. I found these really worked as they must taste really yummy but are too hard to crumble away (GENUIS!!)

One of our customers said she used to put big pieces of fruit in the freezer such as banana and melon, she would leave them for a few days so they were completely frozen and then give it to her baby to chew when the teething times got bad, yummy and soothing.

Calpol to keep the temperature down, And nurofen two hours after calpol, to ease the pain, and help them sleep (obviously)

Dribble bibs are a necessity to collect all that gross excessive dribble that doesn’t seem to stop.

OH and brace yourself for the nappies, things are going to get a lot worse in the nappy department, expect two sets of red cheeks, and stock up on the sudocrem and wipes.

So thats our advice that have helped us through the years of teething, If you have anything else that have really helped your baby then please let us know by commenting below

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