Nocturnal Babies and Routine…

So how important is routine? Some people don’t belive in it at all, and some people swear by it, Nobody can tell you what is best for you and your baby but I found routine helped A LOT!!

I can remember when I had my baby and it literally felt like she was nocturnal(like a little owl) she slept all day whilst being passed around family and friends for cuddles.

Come night time she was like a different baby, wide awake, looking around the room, wanting feeds, stirring away in her moses basket waiting for the party to start.

After many (too many) sleepless nights of partying with a newborn we took action, and started getting her into a good routine that seems to have stuck (shes now two)

During the day I would not let her sleep past 4pm because I knew if she did we would be in for a sleepless night, so 4pm was our deadline, But all babies are so different so pick a time that suits your little one, come 6:30pm I would give her a bath, and get her ready for bed using a Johnson’s night time lavender moisturiser, I used this at night time only so that when she smelt it she knew it meant bedtime (really worked and smells great)), after applying that I would dress her and put her in a grobag, I swear by grobags and baby sleeping bags, comfy and no hassle from tucking them under covers, I made sure the room was always dark and gave her the last feed in the dark so she knew this meant business.

She also had a musical teddy that played nursery rhymes that I would only use at night time (the sound of sleep,ha!!), little things like this definitely help them become aware of day time and night time.

It takes three days for a baby to get into a routine and it takes three days for a baby to get out of the routine, so stick to it and the difference will show, also a baby is never too young to start slowly getting into a routine, they are clever little things, and will start remembering day by day.


If you have any useful tips on what helped your baby realise day to night then please comment below



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Hopefully this may help a new mummy or mummy to be…


Beth x



  • Emma says:

    I put my youngest in his moses basket next to me at 10pm every night. By the end of the week he would falk asleep himself, he never cried because i was next to him in bed. I also did all night feeds on the dark and nappy changes before feeds (when possible). NEVER PUT THEM IN BED WITH YOU TO FALL ASLEEP. i learned this the hard way with my eldest lol.

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