Oh no, Chicken pox!

So this week the dreaded chicken pox(why do they even call it that?) hit my toddler, Exactly two weeks after playing with her cousins who had it at the time, So its true what they say about the two week incubation period.

I always thought that chicken pox were just a few itchy spots, That scabbed over then flaked off after a few days….How wrong could I be???

I have honestly never felt so sorry for her, her tiny body is covered in these horrible itchy blisters that multiply every few hours, some children only get a few spots and some get lots, Unfortunately for Sofia she is covered head to toe in them.

So I took to our Facebook page seeking advice, After lots of amazing comments, We came up with a good routine to help make life a bit easier for her (and me!!!)

I started the day with a bath sprinkled with carbonate of soda(yes, the stuff you use to make ginger biscuits) this seemed to help the blisters scab over pretty quick.

Once out of the bath and dry, I loathed her in Poxclin cooling moose that has been recommended by so many people, and I would definitely recommend this product.

As she wouldn’t entertain the poxclin on her face (typical two year old diva) I used good old calamine lotion on a cotton wool ball and dabbed it on her face.

Piriton for children is currently our best friend and it works wonders, Completely stops the itching for a few hours. It also helps her sleep(yay)

We end the day with another carbonate of soda bath, she seems to be much happier playing in the bath with her toys, its a good distraction and the water must be fairly soothing.

so we are currently 4 days into the chicken pox club, and its been made much easier thanks to everyone who took time to voice their advice and tips, they have worked wonders and we actually had a full night sleep last night!

I hope everyone’s advice helps other people too


My advice for parents is get a bottle of wine in the fridge ready :)



Beth x

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