Holidays with little ones

Going abroad can feel quite daunting when you have a little one, The main question is what will I need to take?

Packing can go on for weeks because your so used to just packing for the two of you, I can guarantee you will re pack your little ones case at least three times. The supermarkets abroad are a lot more updated then they used to be and they WILL stock what you need, so don’t panic if you do run out. Just remember enough nappies and wipes for your duration and plenty of food and formula.

The key is to not check your pushchair in with your cases, keep hold of it until you board the plane then put it in your pushchair travel bag so it doesn’t get damaged because pushchair damage is so common and frustrating. You can also put beach towels and nappies in your travel bag because it doesn’t get weighed, this pads out your bag for extra protection for your push chair and frees up your actual suit case, win win!!

So the flight is not the easiest thing in the world, but if you prepare then it wont be the hardest either, The best thing to do is give the baby milk on take off and landing to keep them distracted from the air pressure, you can ring up the airport and order formula though boots pharmacy, then pick it up when you arrive at the terminal, I found this really useful, another good idea is trying to keep your baby awake as much as you can in the run up before boarding the plane so they are more likely to sleep on the plane (we can hope).

New toys are also a great idea, something that your little one hasn’t seen before to keep them quiet, or even toys they haven’t seen for a while.

Now that the hardest part is out of the way, you can relax a bit more and make sure you get your little one into there new routine, you will be glad to know the heat definitely tires them out so lucky for us they do sleep a little longer, plaster them in high factor  suncream and enjoy the sun, but always keep them shaded with a parasol or a shade maker, we personally love the Diono Shade maker, which just looks like an extra large hood made out of special 50 SPF fabric, and you don’t have the faffing around of a parasol.

If your still sterilising you can buy oasis disposable steriliser bags, they make your life so much easier and are also really compact so are great to pack, One box will do 7 days, you can put dummies, teats and bottls etc in these bags. sterilisers over night so your ready to go the next day

If you have any hints or tips please comment below, we would love to hear them.


Beth :)

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Diono Travel Bag: £19.99

Diono Shade Maker: £11.99

Disposable bibs pack of 20: £2.99

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steriliser bags: £9.99

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